About me


About me


Choosing a photographer can be the most important decision you can make

during the months leading up to your big day. Aer the guests leave, the cake is

gone and the dress is hung up the photos remembering the happiness shared by

all on your wedding day is what remains.

I am truly honored that you are considering my services to capture your

most important day as it unfolds. The wedding day happens so quickly and reliv-

ing it through photos over and over again is what makes your decision that much

more important.

Shoong weddings has been a favorite for me. It encompasses all forms of

photography from landscape, macro (close up shots) to even night scenes. My

styles are largely photojournalisc and ne art. I love to get people in their natural

state when they are relaxed experiencing a moment in me engaged with one an-

other. Weddings are lled with inmate moments and being able to capture raw

emoons tells the full story of the photo. I also like to get some epic shots as well

like the new couple dancing under the stars or on a beach as the sun goes down.

And now a lile about me..

I have been around the camera since the mid 90’s. From taking photos of

friends or vehicles to shoong an occasional wedding. Since the birth of my

daughter six years ago I have been taking photos non stop which has broadened

my photography and has challenged me to always look to try something new and

not to stay conned to what is safe repeve photos. Dierent is what people

seem to gravitate to. I also enjoy the outdoors and spending me with my wife

Becky and kids Zoe and Silas. We will go hiking or camping and usually the camera

isn’t far away.